Assignment 4 – Contact Sheets

Here are some of the images that I sifted through (a fraction of the ones that I shot) to narrow down for the assignment.  There were several shooting days on different beaches and in different weather conditions.  Sunrise, sunset, dreary weather and clear weather, sunshine and cloud. There were more images but these are the main ones that I looked at while considering the final selection.


Assignment 2 Contact Sheets

Barney sat for me, initially as an experiment to try out taking lots of shots to mock up a montage. Natural Light, outside, shade then direct sunlight. The aim was to get a lot of images of parts of him so that I could bring them into one image.

Barney - Contact Sheet 1
Initial Shoot, August 2017, Outside, Natural Light


Contact Sheet 2-1

Contact Sheet 2-2
Shoot 2 September 2017, Inside, Natural Light


Contact Sheet 3-1

Contact Sheet 3-2
Shoot 3, September 2017, Inside, Continuous Lighting
Contact Sheet 4
Shoots 4 & 5, October 2017, Outside, Natural Light

These contact sheets show a selection of the images taken for the make up of the Assignment.