Assignment 5 Moving It Along

Once I had found the elements that I wanted to have, I then had to think about the photographs of people that would complement the flower/bench.  It was interesting to think of how having a human portrait could affect how the viewer sees the image.  I chose to use some older photographs that were in my mother’s album from when she was growing up in the 1940s and 1950s.  It just so happened that the plaques that I chose were predominantly female, maybe our mothers are the most important people in our lives.  I rephotographed some of the old photos and then imported them into PS to add them to the flowers and benches. There were numerous attempts at getting the right combination of flower/bench/person through layers and making some opaque so that they all featured. Some worked, some didn’t work but after a while I could see the pattern emerging of the plaque with the flowers and the photo all merging into one another with a scratchy type of rubbing out of bits of each.


Dave Robbins Photo

I liked this one but it was too cluttered with too much to look at and I found that I was straining to focus on any one particular area.  The roses in the background were made of three copies of the original photo which was interesting but made the overall image too busy.  In addition, the blue background of the polaroid photo stood out too much

George and Betty 2

Similar to the first one, less cluttered but still not clear enough.

mavis rutherford 3

A slightly different approach to the same idea but it still was not right.


Phyllis Butler photo

The iris is beautiful and I like the delicate strings that attach the plaque to the flower.  However, as part of a larger set the overall tone and colour did not fit as the others were predominantly blue and pink.  The old photograph is a look at the 1950s styles and good to see that the sunglasses style is back in fashion.

Violet Ham Diptych
Violet May Ham

As a different trial, I separated the photo from the other elements to see if it worked better as two images that I could then link via the threads.  I showed it to a couple of friends as impartial viewers and they felt that there was a distance by doing this, and I agreed with them.

Contact sheets for choosing styles of flowers:

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