OCA SW Meeting Paignton 14.7.18

A smaller meeting than in Bristol, we were lucky to have tutor Steven Monger give the group a talk on work done by his students in Graphic Design, Photography and Design as well as his own work.  The main thrust of the talk was the shifting boundaries in practice so that one definition does not cover what we can actually do.  His personal work includes box scans and photographs of models that are so detailed that it took a close look to see that they were not just architectural images.  Clues were in the lack of background detail but they were fascinating to look at, from the hours taken to construct them to the finished effect.

The group then looked at putting together a manifesto that could define what the group was about.  There were several questions and we were give time to think about them individually then bring all ideas together as a group.  There was lively discussion among the group and opinions divided over some parts but eventually the bones were put in place. It was definitely food for thought and something that will carry on beyond this meeting.

There were presentations of work with Steven giving thoughtful and insightful feedback on each student’s work. I had only just started down the route for my final assignment so I had put together some demo images to test the water.  The feedback from other students was positive and Steven suggested some further points of research before going further.  He thought that I was possibly wanting to jump to the finished image too quickly but I explained that this was just the beginning and wanted to gauge reactions to see if it was worth pursuing further.  As it was, after the meeting I bumped into a friend who’s family has a commemorative bench in Paignton so I jumped in and had a conversation about his motivations.  Nothing like acting on advice quickly and easily.

I have been very fortunate to have been able to get involved with this group over the past year and going to meetings has helped when I feel I am going round in circles.  It is good to meet other students and see what they are doing and what they struggle with too.  I have also benefitted from meeting some tutors and hearing talks by artists; Helen Sear and David Hurn.

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