Assignment 4 – Adding Text to Images

As an alternative to images standing on their own, I went through adding text to the photographs that I had chosen for the assignment, just to see if I could make it work.  I tried various styles from typed text using different fonts, to handwriting with a stylus using PhotoShop and also handwriting onto clear acetate sheets that I laid over the top of the photo.  Some worked adequately but none of them stood out as being ‘right’ and sometimes I think that I was in danger of being too literal.

Three Miles

The words from the song had echoed in my mind all the time that I was shooting what I thought were images that could fit my idea.  When it came to writing the words onto the images, it was hard to decide whether handwriting had any significance or whether typed words made it more impersonal, or did it change the feeling and meaning of the words? Writing with a stylus was a knack that did not flow easily and I was often frustrated by the fact that it was like my writing but not my writing.

During this assignment I also became fascinated by the weather forecast, having visited Cromarty in Scotland which is one of the areas.  I wondered whether I should go for snippets from the shipping forecast as my words, and investigated some of them but in the end while I loved them, they just didn’t quite fit.  However, I found a song “Pharaohs” by Tears for Fears and put it over the top of a slideshow of the original images as they were, without any words.  It is an instrumental track based on another of their songs (Everybody Wants to Rule the World) that has been slowed down and played over the sound of the shipping forecast being read out.  If I could have got permission to use it, that would have made my assignment.



In the end I decided to leave the images alone and I went off down another track completely, still using the words to Staring at the Sea and the original images but in a different form.


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