Assignment 4 Preliminary Thoughts

It’s taken a long time to pull all this together and now I am almost there.  I am one of those people that fixate on one idea for ages and build the assignment round it then change my mind at the last minute, while still incorporating elements of the original idea.  It is no different this time!   I thought that I had it a couple of weeks ago, then started looking at alternative ways of presenting the images that I had chosen including ripping, tearing, burning and sewing through them, all inspired by other students and other photographers studied in this section.  I think I have been trying to do something different to just presenting images, personalise them in some way to tie them to me. Time always is the limiting factor and in some ways it feels not a waste of time as such, more a luxury to go off down other roads to see where they lead.  I wouldn’t think twice about exploring out in the woods or the roads round where I live so why not do the same by taking a bunch of photos and doing something different.  It might work, it might not, but at least I am flexing that something that drives me on.





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