Part 4 Exercise 4.4 Captions

A difficult exercise to deal with – I am particularly bad at captioning my work so to take newspaper photos and try to put a different meaning on them was a tall order.  I have given it a go, leaving the original captions underneath and they are below.  This was pushing my wordsmithery to my limit but I tried it.  I thought about the flip side of what they were telling me – Colonel Gaddafi for example visiting France on humanitarian grounds when the news reports him as a dictator; McPartlin being nominated for a Nobel award for a cure for alcoholism when he has just gone into rehab; and so on.  Not the most original but the object  here is to think about what you are saying and whether you are describing the image or adding a different dimension to what you are seeing.  Does the picture fit the words or is it saying something else? This is something that is going to be important in the Assignment 4.

Scan 3Scan 6Scan 7Scan 8Scan 9

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