Exercise 4.2 A Day Out

Choose a day that you can spend out and about looking with no particular agenda. Be conscious of how images and texts are presented to you in the real world – on billboards, in magazines and newspapers, and online, for example. Make notes in your learning log on some specific examples and reflect upon what impact the text has on how you read the overall message.

Consider: Does the text close the image down (i.e. inform or direct your reading) or open it up (i.e. allow for your personal interpretation to play a part in creating the final meaning)? What do you think was the intention of the creator in each instance?

Tattoo Shop, Torbay Road

Adverts adverts everywhere.  We are bombarded by images and text, advertising everything, exhorting us to buy buy buy, spend spend spend.  Telling us what to do, what to think and what we should be achieving. Watch our health, beware of thieves and absolutely. Do. Not. Park. Here.  Street signs are there with restrictions rather than helpful information.  Newspapers are full of holidays, investment plans, away days and what we should be doing to our homes and gardens.

I wandered around the town of Paignton this afternoon and took time to look around me as I walked through the shopping area and the back streets by the church. A lot of the shops had signs outside to advertise offers or to show what they were selling, pictures and words. “Come in, we are open.”

Convenience stores had photographs of beautiful fruit and veg with smiling staff outside while inside the reality was not as portrayed: the colours of the fruit not so bright, the selection not so lush and the staff not so smiley on a damp Friday afternoon in the Easter holidays.  Meanwhile, there were signs that promised a regeneration of an old cinema and to be part of it while the hoarding was tattered and the building unchanged.

I compared a local newspaper and a national newspaper to see what was going on in there too.  The national paper was a weekend edition with a magazine supplement.  In there, there was an featured home of a designer with a double page spread of photographs of the interior.  The interior was expensive and full of things that most people could not afford but I suppose that that is the point – this is something to aspire to, to give ideas of what things you could have to brighten your home.  I look at these houses and wonder if anyone actually lives in this perfection as my home is untidy and needs cleaning and tidying just to break the surface let alone look like this!

Hang a Hockney 

The local newspaper had a lot of images of local events and then adverts.  This page was about food to eat at easter.  The thing that struck me was that it is very busy with layers of images and text, and a couple of font styles. Bottles of wine are layered over food, but the main picture is of a meal that is centred around wine.  It’s all about eating and drinking.


Feast for Easter
Ships, dogs and Eggs

I was interested in this page.  The photograph at the top of the page is of a beautiful ship in Torbay and that echoes the heritage of the area which has a busy fishing port and had a ship building industry on the River Dart round the corner. Below that is a huge headline about the ban that affects the beaches of the bay that means dogs are not allowed on the beaches during the summer months.  There is always controversy about the early start to the ban as beaches are empty in the evenings and could be put to better use. The headline dominates everything on the page, screaming to be heard on what is really a banal subject. Followed by an advert for cheap eggs.  From dogs needing to run free on the beach to advertising for a product that possibly come from hens kept confined.  Freedom versus confinement, but I do not know.  It’s just a thought.

Police Action

The next one had two stories about the less populist aspect of life with two stories about police attendance at incidents.  It just made me laugh out loud that the face had been obscured with a smiley face – totally at odds with the fact he was smashing down someone’s front door.  It trivialises what they were doing which was raiding houses of suspected drug dealers in Torquay.  Why a smiley face, was he supposed to be enjoying himself?

Lose Weight, Drop a Dress Size, Fade Away

And of course, with summer approaching it is time to get into the gym and slim down and tone up ready for the beach or the wedding or a special event.  It seems that doing it just because it might be a good thing to do on a more long term basis is not on the agenda.  Short term fixes are the name of the game.  I also looked at this from the point of view that if you slim down and get fit then you might end up getting married as a result.

It was an exercise in looking around me and I did that, although I do tend to wander along looking at signs and images, often with a cynical eye.  Adverts are designed to make you buy something, change something or comply with something. Notices and signs and images are everywhere, we use pictures to put the message across then bolster it with words.   My overall impression is that most are directing you to think in a certain way rather than leave it open for interpretation.  This is certainly true of advertising. Newspapers are full of adverts, the magazines of beautiful photographs of houses, food and clothing.  Generally they are designed to sell products or services, depending on the situation of the ad or article.  In music magazines for example, the photographs are there to illustrate the writing, to underline the subject matter. From a personal point of view, I often look closely at the image and disconnect it from the rest of the writing in order to study it, see how they managed to get that look, effect or feeling.  Sometimes they inspire me to try something different in my photography.



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